Dyson Pure Cool™ air purifier TP00 (White/silver)
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Dyson Pure Cool™ air purifier TP00 (White/silver)

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Dyson Pure Cool™ air purifier TP00 (White/silver)

Floor standing air purifying capturing 99.95% of harmful pollutants.¹

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Discover how Dyson engineers ensure Dyson purifiers are capable of whole room filtration.

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  • 360° Glass HEPA filter

    360° Glass HEPA filter

    Captures ultrafine particles from all angles, including pollen, bacteria and pet dander.

  • Dual function

    Dual function

    Purifies all year round. Cooling fan when you need it.3

  • Air Multiplier™ technology

    Air Multiplier™ technology

    Amplifies surrounding air, giving an uninterrupted stream of purified airflow.

  • Smooth oscillation

    Smooth oscillation

    Projects and circulates purified air across the room.


  • Height 1018mm
  • Length 110mm
  • Width 110mm
  • Amp width 412l/s
  • Weight 3.69 kg
  • HEPA filter 360 Glass

¹Tested to Dyson internal test method TM-003711 in a 27m² room. 'Harmful' / 'Ultrafine' pollutants refers to airborne particles as small as 0.1 microns (tested to EN1822).
²Tested to EN1822. Particles as small as 0.1 microns.
³Air purifier, not air-conditioning unit.