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Requirements and Conditions

Welcome to Thank you for your visit to our website. This page contains the requirements and conditions on distribution and delivery of products (hereinafter called “Products”) presented on our website (“website”) to you (“conditions”). Please read these requirements and conditions before making the purchase order of Products from this website. Any purchase order of our Products means that you have agreed to comply with these requirements and conditions. Please consistently read the requirements and conditions to learn of any change in these requirements and condition.

1. Who are we?

1.1This page sets out the terms and conditions governing all sales and purchases of Products purchased from this website. Any purchase of Products from this website will be fulfilled by Central Trading Co., Ltd (“company”). The Dyson Group will not be responsible for any disputes arising from the use of this website and any purchase of Products through this website from the company.

1.2 No other party is allowed to use the content of these requirements and conditions even if it is the deleted content for the commercial purpose to offer sale of Products and/or services. Any offence will be prosecuted in accordance with the laws.

2. Definitions

in these requirements and conditions
* "working days" mean the working days (Monday-Friday) except traditional holidays as indicated by the company.
* "Confirmation on the purchase order" means our e-mail sent to you which will indicate that we have received your purchase order in accordance with the requirements and conditions in Clause 8.2 b).
* "agreement" means your purchase order that orders the Products in accordance with the requirements and conditions.
* "customer" means any person who has submitted the purchase order in this website.
* "purchase order" means the purchase order sent by the customer to our website to purchase the Products.
* “Dyson” means Dyson Technology Limited
* "You" means the customer who has sent the purchase order on the website
* Reference to "Clause" means the requirements and conditions in accordance with the conditions of the agreement and these conditions.
* Headings or topics are for the convenience of reference and there is no effect on interpretation and content of these requirements and conditions.
* Term in singular shall include the term in plural and the term in Plural shall mean the term in singular. Term illustrating the gender shall include all genders and the term “person” shall mean any person, company or partnership.
* The term “including” or “included”, “such as” or any term in the similar manner shall mean “not limited to …”


You are not allowed to use this website illegitimately. You are not allowed to use or promote a criminal offence, transfer or spread of virus, including but not limited to Trojan horse, worm, logic bomb or post any content on the website which is of ill-desire, technologically harmful, filthy in any manner, crack into any system of this service, use this information fraudulently, causing annoyance to the other person, infringe the right of other persons, advertise or send any unwanted sale-promotion materials or attempt to cause an effect on the operation or work of the facilities of the computer of this website or accessible to this website.

You are required not to use this website illegitimately by making several user accounts.

Any infringement against this provision is held a criminal offence under the Cyber-Crime law 2007, Computer Crime Act, 2007. In case the infringement, we will report the infringement to the law enforcement agency of the related law and a legal action will be undertaken.


4.1 These requirements and conditions are applicable to every purchase order and every agreement that is made and will be made for sale and delivery of Product. These requirements and conditions are the complete agreement between you and the company and will replace all agreements previously made and to be made at the same time between you and the company in relation to the sale of the Product. Changes to any provision of these requirements and conditions will be effective only when it is made in writing and signed by the authorized person of the company.

4.2 Any requirements that you have requested and are not accepted by us in writing, including any other conditions drafted and presented by you or indicated whether in any form or when, whether in writing, e-mail or verbal manner and will be rejected and clearly not accepted unless it is clearly indicated in writing.

5. Our Products

5.1 The images of the Products on our site are for illustrative purposes only. Although we have made every effort to display the colours accurately, we cannot guarantee that your computer’s display of the colours accurately reflects the colour of the Products. Your Products may vary slightly from those images.

5.2 Although we have made every effort to be as accurate as possible, all sizes, weights, capacities, dimensions and measurements of our Products indicated on our website, it may have a 2% tolerance.

5.3 The packaging of the Products may vary from that shown on images on our website.

5.4 All Products shown on our website are subject to availability. You will be informed by email as soon as possible if the Products you have ordered are not available and the company will not process your order.

5.5 We have made reasonable attempts to comply with the regulations and requirements published by the Officer of Commission of Consumer Protection.

6. Use of Our Website

6.1 Your use of our website is governed by our Terms of Website Use and Website Acceptable Use Policy. Please take time to read these, as they include important terms which apply to you.

7. How we use your personal information

7.1 We only use your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please take time to read this, as it includes important information which applies to you.

8. Selling conditions

8.1 Age

a) If you are a consumer, you may only purchase Products via our website if you are at least 20 years old.8.2 Registration and Preparation of agreement

a) The terms and conditions on this website are not deemed to be an offer for sale and there is no agreement for the sale and purchase of the Products between you and the Company until we have sent the Products to your address.

b) For submission of the purchase order, you are required to follow the online shopping process on this website. After that you will receive a confirmation on the purchase order as confirmation that your order has been received.

c) The purchase order is deemed accepted when the Product you have purchased is delivered to the delivery address indicated by you. If your purchase order consists of a number of Products, there may be multiple deliveries, each completed delivery shall be an acceptance of the purchase order.8.3 Price and Payment Even though we have tried our best to provide correct details, explanation and price shown on the website, mistakes may be possible. If we have found a mistake in the price of any Product you have ordered, we will inform you of this matter as soon as possible and will have you make a decision whether to confirm your purchase order at the correct price or to cancel such purchase order. If we are unable to contact you, we will hold that such purchase order is cancelled. If you have cancelled the purchase order before we have made the delivery to you and you have already made the payment for such purchase order, you will receive the entire refund.

a) Such price has included value added tax (VAT) and is made in Thai baht. The delivery expense (if any) will be computed in addition to the price of the Products. Such delivery expense will be clearly presented and included in the “final price”.

b) There is no obligation to comply with your purchase order if the price shown on this website is incorrect (even though we have already received your purchase order).

c) You may make the payment through our payment service channel listed in our homepage.

d) To prevent any risk from unauthorised access, the data on your card will be encrypted when your purchase order is received. The company will check the pre-authorization on your card to ensure that there is sufficient funds for the transaction. The purchase order will not be confirmed until the pre-authorization is complete. The deduction will be made from your card immediately when the confirmation on the purchase order is sent to you. Your card could be checked and verified by the card issuer. If confirmation from the card issuer is not received, the Company will not take responsibility for any delay in delivery of the Products or non-delivery.

e) When you proceed to the next page after clicking “Place Order”, this will mean that confirmation is received from the card issuer.8.4 Pre-Order If you pre-order a Product, order a Product that is currently out of stock, or book a delivery slot in advance, the company and its payment partners will authorise or reserve a charge on your card for any amount up to the full value of the goods at any time between the order being placed and the Products being delivered. If the authorisation has expired or for any reason has failed, the company reserves the right to re-authorise up to the full amount, either before or after dispatch of the Products. In which case, the company will notify you via the email address provided during checkout. If the company does not receive re-authorisation from your credit card issuer, they will contact you so that you can provide the company with another payment method. If in the unlikely event that the price increases from when it was originally ordered, the company will contact the cardholder 7 days before re-authorising the card.

8.5 When purchase without picking the complimentary, we reserve the right to select the complimentary at anytime and without notice.

8.6 Incorrect purchase order If you find any mistake in the purchase order after you have sent the purchase order , please contact, they will try their best to undertake any relevant actions in accordance with your request.

8.7 Denial of the purchase order We may remove any Products from this website at any time and/or delete or amend the information or any content in this website, the Company will try their best to process every purchase order but there may be circumstances that make it is necessary for them to stop processing any purchase order after they have sent the confirmation on the purchase order to you. If your purchase order has been cancelled and you have made the payment on your purchase order, the company will refund you the entire amount. We and the Company are not responsible to you or to any third party for the withdrawal of any Products from this website whether it is the sale, withdrawal or amendment to the content or statement on this website or denial to undertake an act or acceptance of the purchase order.

9. Delivery

9.1 Your order will be fulfilled by the estimated delivery date (and time slot if applicable) set out in the conformation at the delivery address indicated by you in your purchase order.

9.2 You will be informed if the company is are unable to make the delivery within the specified period. Nonetheless, to the extent permitted by law we are not responsible for any damages or losses incurred for any late delivery.

9.3 When the delivery is made, you are required to sign on approval to the delivery and you may contact the Customer Service Division, DYSON@CMG.CO.TH if there is any mistake, fault or damage incurred to the Products and you are required to provide the delivery documents together with the Products to us when requested.

9.4 Please be informed that the company may be unable to deliver the Products to some areas, such as natural disaster area etc. In such case, the company will inform you when you have made the purchase order. The company will cancel your purchase order or make the delivery to the secondary address that you provide to them when the purchase order is made.

9.5 Delivery will be made with the standard packaging method. If you request any specific packaging, you agree to pay for the additional expenses incurred.

9.6 The risk in the Products will be passed to you immediately when the delivery is accepted unless the delivery is late because you have breached your obligations under the agreement (such as Clause 9.8), in such event, the risk will pass to you on the original date that the delivery should have been made. When the risk is passed to you, we will not take responsibility for any loss or damage of such Products. Any breach of your obligations may affect your ability to make the purchase order through this website in the future.

9.7 If you are not ready to accept the delivery for the Products, the company may issue a notice to inform you about the next delivery or you may have to take the Products from the delivery service provider.

9.8 If the delivery or acceptance of Products is delayed due to your denial without any justification to accept the Products delivered or you have not accepted (within two weeks since the first delivery attempt) the delivery or the Products from the delivery service provider, the company may (without any effect on any right or remedy available) undertake either following actions or both:
a) Charge a fee or any other expense reasonably incurred; or
b) Make no delivery or cancel the delivery and the company will inform you immediately on the cancellation of the related agreement which the company will give you a refund or to the credit card company or your debit card as applicable for any amount that you have paid to them under such agreement with a deduction of an amount for operating expenses (including the expenses of the attempted delivery and return of the Products and retention charge as provided in Clause 9.8 (a) above) You accept that such Products are in accordance with the general standard and are not made to satisfy your specific requirements that you may have.

10. Cancellation by the customer (in the case where you have changed your mind before the Products are delivered) If you want to cancel the purchase order, please contact without any cancellation fee. If the Products under the purchase order have been delivered, the cancellation may not be possible and such Products shall be returned to the company in accordance with the Return of Products and Refund Policy below.

11. Return of Products and refund policy

11.1 You may return such Products to the company within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the Products. Such Products must not be used and must be in resalable condition, the label and packaging shall not be torn or damaged and the Products are required to be in the original packaging. Do not unpack the product packaging.

11.2 You are required to return the Products to the company in the condition similar to the condition when you have received the Products. If any Products returned to the company are not in good and resalable conditions, the company reserves the right to reject the returned Products and will send the returned Products back to you.

11.3 You may return the Products through Thai postal service all over the country or any kind of delivery service. For the returned Products, together with the product return form, the company will proceed the refund without delay after they have received the Products in accordance with the refund method indicated in the product return form.

11.4 In some cases, the payment policy/cancellation and refund for some Products may be different from the general standard condition indicated herein. In such case, the special conditions will be indicated in the details of the Products.

11.5 If the product is out of stock, the company will start the refunding process immediately. The refund payment normally takes 7-14 business days after the date that the products have arrived the warehouse and have been checked.

12. Damaged Products

12.1 If the Products you have received have any faults or issues, please contact the Customer Service Division and inform them of your purchase order number, your name and address, details of the Products and reasons for the return and indicate whether you would like a refund or replacement of Products.

12.2 Once the Products are accepted, you are required to check the Products and you will be informed of your right to replacement of the Products or refund (if any) through the e-mail as soon as possible.

12.3 If the Products returned have no fault or issues, the company may use their judgment not to repair or replace the Products and/or may ask you to pay for the delivery expenses and repair charge at the suitable amount in accordance with the current standard fees and expenses and deduct such expenses from your credit or debit card or in accordance with details of the payment that you have specified when you have submitted the purchase order and to the extent allowed by law, they will not take any responsibility for any losses or damage incurred from such incident to you. If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Service Division at 02-229-7961 and 02-229-7962 Monday-Friday between 9.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

13. Denial of responsibility

13.1 If you have any gift or sale promotion coupon, such coupon may be used by any person in addition to you and you are eligible to transfer your right to use such coupon to the other person if the terms and conditions of such gift or sale promotion coupon allows this. Other terms and conditions may apply to the use of such gift or sale promotion coupons and will be indicated on such coupons.

13.2 In case of fraud, fraudulent act, attempt to deceive, we are eligible to close your account and/or enforce any rights that we may have against you.

13.3 We are no responsible for any loss, theft or unauthorized use of gift or sale promotion coupon.

13.4 The company may suspend or cancel any coupon issued solely dependent on our judgment and is not responsible for any loss incurred from the suspension or cancellation of the coupon.

13.5 Conditions on use of the sale promotion coupon : in some cases, the company may give away the sale promotion coupon which could be used only with this website. The company will send the coupon to you through the e-mail or postal service:
a) Sale promotion coupon could be used within the specified period indicated on the coupon only and could be used only once and could not be used in conjunction with the other sale promotion coupon or other discounts.
b) if your purchase order for any merchandise has the value less than the value of the sale promotion coupon, there will be no refund or credit remaining to you.
c) The credit of any sale promotion coupon is not provided with the interest or has no cash value.
d) If any sale promotion coupon has insufficient balance for your required purchase order, you may use one of any payment method acceptable to the company to pay for the difference.

14.Compensation You agree to compensate, defend the case and take no harmful act against the company and Dyson’s directors, officers, employees, advisors, representatives and persons from all claims, responsibility, damage and/or expenses of the third party (including but not limited to the legal fees) incurred from your use of this website or your breach of these requirements and conditions.

15. Communications

15.1 The company and Dyson will comply with the obligations under these conditions with the skill and attention as deemed suitable.

15.2 We put emphasis on satisfaction of our customers. You may contact us at any time by using the information provided in these requirements and condition and we will try to resolve your issue as soon as we can

15.3 In a rare case, your e-mail may be contained in our spam screening program or may not reach us or our letter may have not reached you. If you have not received any response from us within five (5) working days, please send an inquiry again.

16. Conditions beyond our control (force majeure)

16.1 The company will not take responsibility for any offence, blockade or delay in compliance with the agreement due to any incident reasonably beyond our control, including but not limited to:

a) Strike, factory closure or any industrial movement

b) Civil unrest, riot, terrorism or threat of attack by terrorism, war (whether declared by the government or not) or demand, trend or preparation for war.

c) Fire, severe explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, landslide, epidemic or any natural disaster

d) Inability to use the train transport, delivery through aircraft, car or any mode of transport, of both the public and the private sectors.e) Inability to use the telecommunication network of the public and the private sectors

f) Laws, royal decree, issue of new laws, regulations, requirements or restrictions of any government agency, strike. collapse or accident in delivery of letters, postal service or any other related transport.

16.2 If the incident of force majeure has incurred which prevents the company from delivering the Products and continues longer than one week from the original delivery date, both you and/or the company are able to terminate the agreement after a cancellation notice has been sent without any responsibility except the refund of your payment for the Products which have been paid.

16.3 The company reserves the right under their sole judgment on the appropriate response to a force majeure event.

17. Notice
Any notice under the agreement is required to be made in writing with a letter or e-mail to the other related contracting party at the latest address or e-mail address known to the other contracting party.
a) The notice sent through the postal service is deemed to be received after two (2) working days from the time of posting at the post office to the address of the recipient in Thailand.
b) the notice sent through an e-mail is held to be delivered within two (2) working days from the time that the e-mail is sent. To prove such delivery, the notice or e-mail sent addressed correctly or the delivery made through the pre-paid postal service or there is a record of transmission or delivery or acceptance of such delivery report is held sufficient.

18. Intellectual property right

18.1 All contents in or published in our website, including but not limited to the content, graphic, logo, trademark, service mark, icon button, image, audio clip, downloaded digital, campaign name and modified information are the property of Dyson and are protected by the copyright and trade marks law and the global intellectual property conventions. All such rights are reserved by Dyson and our licensor, you are able to keep, print and display the contents provided only for your personal use but you are not allowed to publish, transfer, distribute or duplicate by any means in any form the content or copy of the content provided to you or shown in this website and are not allowed to use such content for any business or commercial purpose.

18.2 Our status (and the status of the indicated supplier) as the content writer in our website is required to be recognized for the status indicated.

18.3 You shall not to use any part of the content in our website for the commercial purpose without our license to undertake such act or our licensor. If Dyson has learned of any infringement against our intellectual property, Dyson will not hesitate to take any action in accordance with any applicable laws.

18.4 If you have printed, copied or downloaded any part of the website in contravention against these conditions, your right to use our website will expire immediately and at our option we are entitled to ask you to return or destroy any copies of the document you have prepared. You are not permitted to modify, translate, adjust, separate or create any new work from the contents of this website or any supporting documents attached and/or provided by Dyson or our licensor.

19. Advertisement in this website

We have made a reasonable attempt to comply with the regulations and requirements related to this website published by the Officer of Commission of Consumer Protection.

20. Omission

The fact that we have not exercised any right or have delayed to exercise any right under these conditions or agreement is not deemed to be a waiver of such rights. Similarly, the waiver of one incident shall not be deemed to be a waiver for future incidents of the same or similar nature.

21. Severability

If any provision in these conditions or the agreement has become or made invalid or non-enforceable by the court within the jurisdiction, such invalidity or non-enforceability does not affect any other clause or part of the other clause in any manner and those parts are still in effect as long as such conditions or agreement is still effective and enforceable against You.

22. Governing laws
These requirements and conditions and any agreement (and non-contractual obligations incurred from or related to these conditions or such agreement) are subject to and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the kingdom of Thailand. Both you and we agree to surrender to the jurisdiction of the court in Thailand, communication, correspondence and contact (collectively “Documents”) between us are required to be made in English. Where any Documents are not in the English language, the party seeking to submit such Document will provide an English translation of the Document.

23. Amendment
We reserve our right to make an amendment to these requirements and conditions at any time. The amended conditions will be notified in the website. However, use of website in the following manners is deemed acceptance of the new conditions. When you have submitted a purchase order to this website, you have agreed that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions in force on the date you that you have submitted your purchase order. Therefore you are required to review the latest conditions every time when you submit a purchase order.

24. Estimated Delivery times for the Products
Free! Free delivery by Kerry for every purchase order.
Delivery time
Prepare your packaging 1-2 working days
Bangkok and vicinity 2-3 working days
Other provinces 3-7 working days
(Excluding Saturday-Sunday and traditional holidays)

*** Note
The company will make the delivery only when the payment process is complete.
* The Products will be delivered to the address notified in the purchase order and the company reserve its right to change the delivery address.
* For Yala, Pattani, Narathiwas and the island, the delivery time may be longer than the indicated delivery times and you will be informed of the expected delivery times when you receive your confirmation order.
* If the delivery takes the time longer than specified (due to force majeure), the company will inform you in advance through the phone or other means of communication.
* The company will only arrange a delivery only on the working days. During the festive season or when there are a lot of purchase orders, the delivery may be later than the expected delivery times and the company will try its best to fulfill your orders within a reasonable time.