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Support for your
Dyson Digital Slim™ vacuum

Here you can find helpful tips, maintenance advice, your user manual and more.

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Getting started

You can quickly get up and running with our step-by-step guide.

Fully charge before first use

For the best experience, we recommend fully charging your machine, and any additional batteries, as soon as you open the box and after every clean. This is because the battery and monitoring system's algorithm 'learns' over time, and fully charging your batteries helps it to more accurately calculate and display remaining run time.

Vacuum being placed on charge

Dyson Digital Slim™ vacuum user manual

Download your Dyson Digital Slim™ vacuum user manual.

Dyson Digital Slim™ vacuum user manual

Using your machine

Understanding the three cleaning modes

  • Screen displaying Eco mode

    Eco mode

    The default mode for your machine. Up to 40 minutes of run time, for longer cleans all around your home.1

  • Screen displaying Med mode

    Med mode

    The optimum balance of power and run time.

  • Screen displaying Boost mode

    Boost mode

    Designed for intensive spot cleaning, with up to five minutes of run time.

Choosing the right tool for the task

  • Mini motorised tool in use

    Mini motorised tool

    The motorised brush bar tackles hair and dirt in tight spaces. Like sofas, chairs or your car.

  • Light-pipe crevice tool in use

    Light-pipe crevice tool

    Tackles dust in hard-to-reach places, such as gaps and corners. And shows you where you're cleaning, even in dark spaces.

  • Combination tool in use

    Combination tool

    Two tools in one, for versatile cleaning. Its stiff nylon bristles are tough enough to remove ground-in dirt.

  • Slim Fluffy cleaner head on a hard floor

    Slim FluffyTM cleaner head

    Engineered for hard floors. Sucks up fine dust and large debris simultaneously. 40% lighter and smaller than the Fluffy™ cleaner head.

  • Wand storage clip

    Wand storage clip

    Handily stores the Combination and Crevice tools on the wand of your vacuum.

Using the LCD screen

The LCD screen shows current performance, including selected cleaning mode, remaining run time, filter maintenance reminders and blockage reports.

Screen showing cleaning modeอาด

Charging your machine's battery

You can charge your battery whether it’s connected to your machine or not. Simply use your dock, or the power cable that came in the box.

Image from video about charging your battery

How to swap your click-in battery

To swap your battery, press the red battery release button and pull the battery away from the handle. Then replace it with an additional click-in battery. We recommend alternating and charging all click-in batteries regularly to prolong battery health.

Dyson Digital Slim™ vacuum's battery removed from machine

Maintaining your machine

From cleaning the bin to washing the filter, our quick guide will help you keep your machine working at its best.

Image from video about maintaining your machine
  • Washing the filters

    Washing the filter

    Shake the filter firmly to remove excess water, until there is no water coming from the filter. Leave to dry in a well ventilated, warm place for at least 24 hours. Make sure the filter is completely dry before refitting. Your machine could be damaged if used with a damp filter.

  • Washing the fluffy

    Washing the Slim FluffyTM cleaner head

    Remove the end cap and set aside. Hold the brush bar under cold tap water. Remove as much excess water as possible, stand upright and leave to dry in a warm place with plenty of airflow for at least 24 hours. Make sure the brush bar is completely dry before refitting it.

  • Checking for blockages

    Checking for blockages

    Your machine will make a pulsing sound to let you know there's a blockage. Watch the video to see how to find blockages.

  • Emptying and cleaning the bin

    Emptying and cleaning the bin

    Wipe the bin clean with a damp cloth only. Make sure the bin and seals are completely dry before refitting.

  • Cleaning the light pipe crevice tool

    Cleaning the Light-pipe crevice tool

    It's quick and easy to wash the Light-pipe crevice tool. Watch the video to see how.

Useful tips

  • Bin full of debris

    Don't overfill it

    To maintain suction, keep an eye on the bin and empty it as soon as debris reaches the MAX marker.

  • Filter being washed at the sink

    Regularly wash the filter

    It's important to wash the filter regularly, to maintain optimum performance. The screen will remind you when it's time to do this.

  • Image from video about setting up the dock

    Setting up your dock

    You can use the dock to store your machine, so it's always to hand and ready to go. See how to set it up.

Frequently asked questions

The screen on your machine will remind you when it's time to clean your filter. This will usually be around once a month, but may be more frequent if you use your machine heavily. After cleaning your filter, always leave it to dry for at least 24 hours. Ensure it's completely dry before refitting on your machine. We strongly recommend following the cleaning instructions and cleaning by hand. The filter is not suitable for dishwasher use.

A full charge takes up to 3.5 hours.

We recommend fully charging a spare battery soon after purchase, and alternating batteries regularly to prolong battery health.

Your battery has been designed to be left on charge, so it’s fine to leave it plugged in after charging.

We recommend fully charging your machine after every clean. This helps your vacuum's battery and monitoring system's algorithm to more accurately calculate and display remaining run time.

The LCD screen only uses up to 1.5 watts of power, which won't noticeably impact run time.

Your machine works independently and doesn't connect to the Dyson Link app.

To change the language on your screen, press the button and hold until the language list appears. Tap the button to scroll through the language list to your preferred language, then press and hold the button until the countdown ends. A green tick will appear to show your language selection is complete. To cancel your selection, release the button during the countdown.

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